The COHERENT Methodology in FunGramKB

Añadido por - Dec 29, 2013 - Lingüística


Recent research has been done synergistically between FunGramKB, a lexical-conceptual knowledge base, and the lexical constructional model, a linguistic meaning construction model. Since concepts are claimed to play an important role in the design of the cognitive-linguistic interface, this paper discusses the methodology adopted in structuring the basic conceptual level in the FunGramKB core ontology. More particularly, we describe our four-phase coHeRenT methodology (i.e. conceptualization + Hierarchization + Remodelling + refinemenT), which guided the cognitive mapping of the defining vocabulary in longman Dictionary of contemporary english.

Periñán-Pascual, C. & Mairal-Usón, R. (2011). The COHERENT Methodology in FunGramKB. Onomázein, nro. 24, pp. 13-33.