Biología de una población de Homonota horrida

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A population of Hornonota horrida was studied in Tanti (31°22', 64°36'), Punilla Dep. Córdoba, Argentina. The activity of this population starts in September and continues to March. In October, females have yolked follicles, and oviductal eggs are present in November. The largest testes were found in September. Mature males ranged from 3.6 cm to 6.0 cm. Reproductive females ranged 3.5cm to 6.2 cm snouth vent lenght. H. horrida has one clutch of one egg per year. Numerically, Isoptera was the most common prey; vollumetrically, Lepidoptera larvae where the most common item.

Aun, L. & Martori, R. (1994). Biología de una población de Homonota horrida. Cuadernos de Herpetología, 8 (1), pp. 90-96